Up to Us and MIT's Center for Constructive Communication are collaborating to increase trust in COVID-19 vaccines and promote equity in marginalized communities using a highly effective approach.


Identify areas with lagging vaccination and high levels of distrust.


Analyze key community concerns, develop & test persuasive counter messaging.


Deploy and scale high performing persuasive messages to the community, increasing trust & mobilization.

Tesla Giveaway

• Up to Us partnered with popular TikTok creators, the Cheeky Boyos (9.2M followers), to give away a Tesla to one lucky voter that checked their voter registration status via our platform, with their Tiktoks generating 6.4MM+ views.

• Up to Us also worked with the organization Vote Tripling to encourage young voters to recruit their friends and family to check their voter registration status for additional entries to the giveaway.

• Overall, our Tesla Giveaway drove 42,000+ young voters to check their registration status, make a voting plan, and encourage family and friends to do the same.

High Reach Content

• Up to Us worked with partners to create and distribute impactful, non-partisan content to celebrities with large and engaged followings.

• Influential figures who have shared out content include Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Sacha Barron Cohen, Gigi Hadid, Mark Ruffalo, Orlando Bloom, Sara Silverman, Chelsea Handler, Ashton Kutcher, Rosario Dawson, and Kate Hudson, among others.

• Collectively, these individuals have followings in the hundreds of millions, amplifying our messages all across the country.


• Up to Us partnered with Postmates to incentivize young voters to encourage their friends and family to make a voting plan.

• Each participant that recruited 3 friends to check their voter registration status and make a voting plan received 1-month of free, unlimited delivery from Postmates.

• Up to Us coordinated a peer-to-peer texting campaign to promote the campaign, reaching 15,000+ young American’s in less than a week.

Persuasion + Sponsorship

• Up to Us partnered with Frameshift, a message development and testing organization, to identify and distribute content that would persuade infrequent and distrustful voters to go to the polls.

• As a 501(c)(3), Up to Us was able to accept significant grants and donations to fund this work, and provided legal review to ensure it remained non-partisan and accurate.